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Today we provide the full range of services in the field of private label cooperation: from development of product conception and manufacturing of test samples to immediate production and delivery of goods.

By adding items under a private label within their own product range retail chains and distributors get the opportunity to increase their incomes as well to improve their reputation among consumers. That’s why in the course of development of private labels it is important for us not only to focus on quality of the product itself but also to pay attention to any particularities of future consuming audience and to features of the region aimed for sale.

Brand concept development Naming and design

Selection of a proper brand name is a starting point for its future life. At this stage we pay attention to all features of the market and positioning chosen by the client. Design of logotype and package is also developed taking into consideration supposed target audience and future competitors.

Product development Selection of available recipe or creation of a new one

More than 3000 basic recipes are available what allows creating multiple variations of products. Also, a completely new recipe of a product can be developed depending on tasks set by the client. After approval of composition of a product test samples are developed to undergo tests in our laboratories.

Production process Mixing, filling, labeling, packing and palletising processes

We have complete production cycle at the factory. In order to mix raw materials we use multi-ton mixers equipped with modern monitoring and control system. Once mixing process is finished, semi-product is transported to the production lines where it will be filled automatically. After labelling, finished product undergoes the entire quality control, and then it will be packaged and palletised.

Logistics Transportation of goods to destination point

Loading of goods into trucks and its delivery to destination point is considered to be a final stage.

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Why should you choose us

Today, we are one of the largest European manufacturers of household chemicals and body care products. Our facilities allow to simultaneously produce several dozens of SKU. The entire production is fully planned months in advance, which helps us avoide surprises in the work and carry out all orders on time.

Ample opportunities

More than 3000 basic recipes are available what allows creating multiple variations of products.

Production capacities

Our production capacities allow filling up to 170 million bottles of different products every year.

Quality guarantee

We have permanent multi-stage monitoring process of product quality as well as provide maintenance of recipes and production processes.

Customised approach

We always provide custom-oriented solutions to our clients in order to meet requirements of any specific task.

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