Factory in Germany


Табы (Производство)

Factory in Germany

Our leading production facility allows us to fill up to 170 millions of bottles of fluid agents every year what means that from 500 to 700 thousands of goods are produced at the factory every day.

The factory is located in Southern Germany in Weinheim which is 70 kilometres from Frankfurt.

It is a typical town in this region surrounded by fields, vineyards, hills and castles. For logistics purposes the factory has a successful location because of its closeness to railway and highway routes.

Технические особенности производства

Technical characteristics
of production

Up to 170 million bottles / per year

Production capacities of the factory allow filling up to 170 million bottles of different products every year.

Up to 700 thousand bottles / per day

From 500 to 700 thousand bottles are filled and packaged at the factory every day.

300 workers

About 300 employees work at the factory, however, additional workforces can be engaged in production process for particularly large orders.

3 shift operation

The factory usually operates in two shifts but the third shift can be arranged upon necessity.

Permanent optimisation

Some production lines have high efficiency machines for production of plastic bottles which are immediately transported to the production line for filling process.

Cutting edge equipment

The factory is completely certified and equipped with the most cutting edge production lines.

Quality control

Two laboratories ensure permanent multi-stage monitoring process of product quality as well as provide maintenance of recipes and production processes.

Territory greater than 5 hectares

Production facilities undergo a constant development and nowadays are located on the territory greater than 5 hectares.

Personal maintenance stuff

Our maintenance stuff provides maintenance of our equipment on a regular basis what makes possible to eliminate any failures immediately.

Environment friendly product

100% of all produced products is friendly and harmless for environment and meets all applicable requirements and norms.

Our company continues to grow up occupying today a territory of more than 5 hectares in the town of Weinheim. Apart from this production facility in Germany, we have factories in Russia and Ukraine.

In the near future, our specialists will contact you and answer all your questions.

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